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Driveway / Parking Lot Sealing:

Advantages of Sealed Asphalt
  • Seals out water
  • Resists gas and oil spillage
  • Prevents oxidation from the sun
  • Eliminates surface deterioration
  • Beautifies and protects your property

Dudek & Company uses only the highest quality sealers and crack fillers on the market. They meet and exceed the U.S. Air Force requirements. The F.A.A. and Federal Government specs that call for a coal tar sealer.

Small cracks can rapidly turn into a major hazard. Water seeps into the crack and washes away the subsoil. In the winter it repeatedly freezes and thaws, which creates a cavity underneath your driveway. If this problem isn't corrected, a small crack repair can turn into a large construction project.

Believe it or not, UV rays of the hot summer sunlight cause more damage to your driveway than snow and ice, and the sealer lasts much longer when the summer sun bakes it into the surface.

A professionally applied coating eliminates those horrible, do-it-yourself brush or squeegee marks that detract from the appearance of your home.

The highest quality, longest-lasting, rubberized sealer that technology allows, with 2 to 4 times the sealing strength of retail products. We add silica sand to provide traction during wet or icy conditions.

We trim grass along the edges of your driveway surface, wire broom dirty areas, apply an oil blocker on grease and oil stains to reduce bleed-through, and seal the shoulders of the driveway for total protection.

Dudek & Company offer you a choice of spray or squeegee applications, depending on your personal preference and the condition of your pavement.

We use a rubberized hot crack filler of the highest quality.

The sealant we use has state and federal specifications.


We work on...

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