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Foundation Crack Repair:

Small cracks can rapidly turn into a major hazard. Water seeps into the crack and during the winter months it repeatedly freezes and thaws. This creates a cavity in your foundation. If this problem isn't corrected, a small crack repair can turn into a large construction project.

Dudek and Company provides a low-cost way to stop water leakage in a cracked foundation.
The work is done from the inside. No messy, expensive, disruptive digging.

We install several ports over the crack. Then we cover the crack with a gray epoxy paste,
embedding the port so they're the only opening into the crack.

With a low pressure gun, we inject liquid material through the ports and into the crack. Then
we crimp the ports.

The injected material sets up to form a waterproof seal inside the crack. The ports and
surface sealer can be removed several days later if desired.

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We work on...

Foundations • Driveways • Parking Lots • Commercial • Residential